Ignoring God

Yesterday, while listening to talk radio, David Webb brought Dr. Ben Carson on air with him to discuss the fact that there would be no “official observation” by the powers that be in Washington DC, of the 70 year old tradition of the National Day of Prayer. I should not have been shocked. The fact just bolstered my intuition that the godless power mongers currently cavorting in our Capitol and in the White House will be ushering in the secular socialist progressive ideology that they believe in. The fact that they have no moral compass and no respect for God is brazenly evident. They, after all, are ushering in government over God, and will use any means to eradicate God and the Constitution, upon which this country was founded, and replace it with socialist Marxism.

We are lost as a nation when we turn our back on the founding principles and on the Judeo Christian values by which our founding fathers created the governing structure of this very young idea, based on individual freedom and individual responsibility.

Postscript/July 1 Sure enough, there was no observance of the National Day of Prayer by our godless comrades installed in Washington DC in January 2021. Whoever is running the show (some suspect Susan Rice, but now we are more inclined to think Barack Obama) is an atheist and/or Marxist who wants to “fundamentally transform” this nation. And didn’t get to do it completely during the eight long years of the Obama administration. Now is the big push, now that the reins have been effectively stolen, and the story of it proudly splashed in a cover story in Time magazine back in February. Look it up. Titled: The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election. I prefer to change the word “saved” and substitute the word “stole”.

That’s what I said, stole it….and there is plenty of evidence being turned up by the Maricopa County audit to prove it in the state of Arizona. When other audits, which are being contemplated in the swing states, are performed, the evidence in those states will corroborate the steal, quite transparently. If only the Supreme Court would have done their due diligence, had upheld their oath of office to the Constitution, we would not be where we are today. Spineless wimps. Dangerous, dare I say, traitorous to their sworn duty to uphold the Constitution. The final legal body to do so with regards to federal election issues.

Getting back to the National Day of Prayer. Sadly, everything I read or watch regarding the further erosion of all our traditional structures, our cultural heritage, and our founding ideology seems to return back full circle to the Basic Bottom Line. The foundational, almost irreparable devastation we have allowed in our country, the turning away from our country’s motto: In God We Trust. Yes, that is our National Motto. Or was, in some hazy opaque past that looks back at us like the sad face of the Indian, a tear falling from one eye, in the “only YOU can prevent forest fires” ad long ago. It might have been only in California, that ad. Graphically portraying a betrayal of our trusteeship over the land. Here, we are graphically betraying our National Trust in the God which our founders honored in the writings upon which the American idea stands. This is the Bottom Line. A godless country will not stand for long.

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An artistic soul wandering aimlessly and miraculously through the confines of earthspace, in a desperate attempt to reshape reality into a version of the wonderland of my imagination. Only glimpses come in to focus as I tend to the garden and commune with the flora and fauna, in awe of the graciousness and expansion of the world beyond our grasp. Deeply intrigued by the endless worlds within the soul and spirit of we mere humans.

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