We have reached the point of no return here in America. NO longer are we the great nation, the United States of America. We are now subjecting ourselves and bowing to the Orwellian segregation which Jews of all ethnic persuasions experienced in the last century. 6 million of them and more. And that is only the Nazi scourge. Stalin’s purged his own citizens through starvation and tyranny committed against more millions with the crimes against humanity.

CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. CRIMES AGAINST OUR CHILDREN. They will use the dreaded new “D named” strain to FORCE our children to take the jab in order to go to school. Fascism. Dictatorial Fascism. Big Brother wants to take control over YOUR CHILDREN, for god’s sakes. Make no mistake about it. Orwellian. Criminal in a country founded upon individual freedom and responsibility. As I said above, we no longer live in the United States of America. Canada has already fallen, and now we watch as our country erodes into soft socialist Marxist tyranny. Brought to us by the once Democrat party, now hi jacked by The Left.

Stand up to the fear and tyranny of the formerly good-intentioned, believable medical community. (we thought) Anything based on FEAR is an untruth and deceit. A Lie. All the suppression of treatments other than “the jab” is proof positive that we are being cowed by a false fear. And not with good intentions. I repeat, my own terms for this violation of our personal rights is now simply: CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. And I hope I live long enough to see the world tribunal charging those who perpetrated this CRIME against the citizens of the world come to pass.

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An artistic soul wandering aimlessly and miraculously through the confines of earthspace, in a desperate attempt to reshape reality into a version of the wonderland of my imagination. Only glimpses come in to focus as I tend to the garden and commune with the flora and fauna, in awe of the graciousness and expansion of the world beyond our grasp. Deeply intrigued by the endless worlds within the soul and spirit of we mere humans.

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