Fight Like Hell

Sunday morning, listening to Brian Lauritzen on KUSC, “a Joyful Noise” is the title of classical choral pieces filling two hours of inspiration which has been my “church” for the past ten years. I wish I could sit and talk with Mr. Lauritzen. Calmness seems to enshroud the man; his knowledge of the classical arts, the melding of voices and instruments from long past centuries brings a certain sanity to this one.

Lately, I have had the thought that I need to release myself from fighting the stupidity which is overwhelming the masses over the past fifteen months. Then I heard the story of Patrick King, a citizen of Alberta, Canada, which has shined a light on one of the most salient facts to come out in a court of law since this absurdity began. In this court case lies the kernel of glaringly obvious truth which keeps me in the fight. And the court case should have world wide ramifications. If only the story would be told. So I will do my little part here, telling the story.

Mr. King was slapped with a $1200 fine for not wearing a mask outdoors while attending an event in Alberta Canada several months ago. He took the case to local court, representing himself. In order to present his case for innocence, he requested of the Department of Health in Alberta province, a woman whose name I do not recall, the evidence that the existence, in isolation in a lab, of the so called COVID 19 virus having been biologically proven. Brilliant! And when I heard this, I remembered back in June or July 2020, that this fact was revealed by a virologist; the fact that the virus had never been isolated and identified as existing in a lab environment. Astounding.

HIs case went from local jurisdiction, to what must be similar to our Supreme Court, and became “King vs Queen of England” status. Not the actual case name, my own fabrication here. He continued to pursue obtaining the Health Department proof of existence of the virus for evidence in his court case. None was ever proffered. Department thugs bullied the man to try to get his resignation from bringing the case, yet he persisted. They even tried paying him off I believe. In the end, the case, and Mr. King’s fine, was dismissed, and the winning essentially sent shock waves all over Alberta, Canada. As a result, the Province has dropped all mandates, restrictions, lock downs, and hoopla that imprisoned it’s citizens over a virus that has never been PROVEN TO EXIST biologically speaking.

Do we all see the glaring ramifications of this fact on Canadians and citizens of the world? For myself, this just falls into the barrel of mounds of conflicting and contradicting garbage out of which national and world policies have been made since March 2020. The story needs to be screamed from the rafters on all our media and social media sites….so far, I’m hearing crickets.

Let me reiterate this blinding floodlight of fact, this lone loudly screaming voice yelling “FIRE” in a crowded theater. THERE IS NO ISOLATED CELLULAR EVIDENCE OF THIS VIRUS PROVING ITS EXISTENCE.

This fact alone tells us that we are all being lead, in spades, down the rabbit hole. This, and the glaringly obvious VAERS death counts, reflecting historically only 1% of actual deaths occurring, and the relentless push onward to vax 100% of the population, raises a LARGE FLASHING RED FLAG. Particularly when the Sars vaccine campaign twenty years ago was stopped at twenty five reported deaths on VAERS.

I am aghast that we find ourselves here in America and in the world engulfed in a battle against what now appears to me to be Genocide. A word we usually use when observing the actions of evil dictatorships against their own people. A word I never thought I would speak in describing the overwhelming push to inoculate the citizens of the world, with a dangerous experimental drug, ministered under the innocuous name “vaccine” which most populations have become familiar with in such a way that they will accept, no questions asked. This for a drug purportedly not even able to prevent getting the infection, and for a virus that has never been isolated and thus proven to exist.

This is a monumental government sham, or as I have begun calling it, a Crime Against Humanity on par with the Nazi fascist slaughter of 6 million Jews in the last century, on par with the massacre of Communist Russia’s own civilian population by starvation under Stalin. We are witnessing a world wide genocide of our fellow citizens here in the USA as well as in Europe. That is quite a statement for me to make. But it is the only conclusion I may reach, having listened to the Swiss Doctor Astrid Struckelburger, PhD. retired scientist with W.H.O. and interviewed by a German analyst on

According to Ms. Struckelburger, the perpetrators of this Great Reset narrative are centered in the W.H.O. organization in conjunction with The Bill Gates Foundation in his G.A.V.I. organization, based in Switzerland. The C.D.C. and our own Frankenstein Fauci as head of the N.A.I.D.I. are making policy here in the states based on the Narrative from the above world organizations. The Gates Foundation mantra has been for years depopulation, and they have been on this mission in Africa for many years now. It is now the mantra of the Great Reset crowd, formerly known as One World. The Davos Switzerland crowd.


Here are the numbers, as of last week, of deaths attributed to injection of the vaccine, from the VAERS report. Deaths in Europe: a shocking 20k plus. Reported deaths in the USA: 12k plus. Remember, this is only 1% of the actual number, as historically doctors do not reliably report. Some analysts have publicly stated that the real number here in America is 45k. This is abominable. Unspeakable. Remember, in the Sars flu vaccine campaign, the campaign was halted after merely 25 deaths reported.

This is none other, in my personal opinion, than Genocide. Pure and simple. And I am starting to hear the word used in other social media platform podcasts. I urge you, my fellow compatriots, we must wake up to the grand scheme operating under the seemingly innocuous name of “vaccination” and, looking at the numbers, we must acknowledge what this diabolical, draconian brain child of the globalist elites like Bill Gates really is.

PS I just watched a video made by just any guy like you or I. He’s on He live calls the FDA and speaks to a lame call center representative for a full 20minutes repeating the numbers of deaths from vax worldwide, asking the rep why the campaign is not halted with tens of thousands of deaths as compared to the Sars flu vax campaign halted at 25 deaths. The rep never gets it, never gets the magnitude of the genocide the FDA is complicit in perpetrating. Meanwhile trueconserativeminutes is flashing pictures of live human beings in hospital, at home, convulsing, etc. from the jab. then he shows lists with photos; all the souls’ names above the photo, who are dead…our fellow human beings. I was moved to tears watching this tragic expose made to a clueless regulatory FDA representative who sounded like a robot……..meanwhile the murders continue every hour, every day……..

As usual, please give me your viewpoint on this subject.

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