The Three Letter Word

Feeling the need to expound on the Three Letter Word. The verboten word, stricken from the politically correct language, gradually allowing its usage to fade and finally, in this the second decade of the 21st century, to all but disappear from common every day language.

Some younger folks whom I assail with the once welcomed closing affirmation upon leaving a conversation, visibly cringe, even moving back away from me, when they hear the words spoken. As if they would rather hear a curse on their well being in its place.

A friend of mine with whom I mentored eighth graders at a local middle school has an outgoing voice mail message which begins emphatically with “GOD BLESS YOU!” It makes me feel wonderful and healthy and strong, and loved. Welcomed into the human predicament and made confident even with all my foibles, in the cover of the God Who created me and this big, beautiful world in which I reside.

While dining out with friends the other night, one of them made the comment that he has a “mean” side to him that manifests at times (I’m paraphrasing). I immediately stated “don’t we all”, to which he did not reply as I don’t think he heard me. I think I was referring to my current conscious awareness of just how radically the humanity around me in my community and beyond has changed in the past eighteen month absurdity we are all experiencing. Including my own shift in attitude and personality through it all.

In this calamity which has befallen us, we each have found our way towards sanity in whichever means we could find to keep us “safe”, a term which has become increasingly abhorrent to myself. To be honest, from the very beginning that the mantra became the catch phrase of the year, I had to create my own refrain: “Stay Strong, and Carry On”. But the one word which has held me in strength, and truly kept me “safe” is the Three Letter Word.

In God We Trust. This is our National Motto. It is a phrase printed on our money. I have a sticker on my car window emblazoned with the words. I bet it is offensive to any who happen to have their eyes catch it in passing. Who would have ever thought that we would do away with God in our culture; in our lives. And the Faith in that God which we here in the USA have had since the country’s founding.

Getting back to the word “safe”. I think I have spoken of it before. There really is no such thing in this world. The thought that we could have absolute, complete safety in a world full of imperfect human beings is absurd. Particularly, when we turn our backs on the “good” and the very God, the Creator Who made this world. In our godlessness we flounder about in fear, looking for safety. And the replacement? Government in place of God. The epitome of imperfection, man made government will never replace God. We derive all of our life from the God given gifts of the air we breathe and the beauty with which we are surrounded.

Embrace GOD, I cry. Embrace the good and see how faith, not fear, will provide. Not safety. Fearless Faith. Amen. God is good. Amen. Dare I shout out the Three Letter Word: God Bless us all.

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An artistic soul wandering aimlessly and miraculously through the confines of earthspace, in a desperate attempt to reshape reality into a version of the wonderland of my imagination. Only glimpses come in to focus as I tend to the garden and commune with the flora and fauna, in awe of the graciousness and expansion of the world beyond our grasp. Deeply intrigued by the endless worlds within the soul and spirit of we mere humans.

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